1. Pur3x

    Crimson Battlefield Update #12

    Crimson Battlefield Update (2/7/2020): Updated all the plugins so you shouldn't have anymore issues, if you do, just contact us and we will fix it asap. We changed the size of the map from 3500 to 4500 to test out the new rust update ring roads. Players now have the ability to change the weapon...
  2. Pur3x

    CB Posters

    CrimsonBattlefield 11" X 17" Posters Crimson Battlefield is also offering some 11"x 17" poster if you want to hang in your room or put it up somewhere special to show your support for crimson battlefield. By buying any CB accessories you are showing your support towards the community, and we...
  3. Ember

    CrimsonBattlefield Discord [Temporary link]

    Until we get a new discord add-on for our forums, please use this link to find our discord Discord :