1. Pur3x

    Graphic's Tutorial's Guidelines

    Graphic Tutorials Guidelines, keep it clean, and to prevent floods of duplicate/similar tutorials, here are some guidelines for posting in the Tutorials Forums. Formatting: 1. Tutorials must have screenshots in almost every case. -1a. Screenshots must be .GIF, .JPG, or PNG ( files less than...
  2. Pur3x

    Graphics Request Guidelines

    In order to make the Graphic Requests Forum run smoothly we have a few rules for requesting graphics. Rule 1 - Use the template! When making a request for graphics, please use the following template. Type of Graphic: Link to Forum (if necessary): Forum Software (if applicable): Colours: Text...
  3. Ember

    Forum Rules & Guidelines

    Forum Rules & Guidelines – Flame or Troll wars are not warranted, it’s funny the first time let’s not make it a habit – Release of personal information or personally identifiable information ( i.e. name, address, etc.) is strictly prohibited. – Bumping threads is annoying, just don’t. – Spam...