1. Ember

    Would you support the idea?

    Hello everyone, I've been doing some thinking and have come to the conclusion we need more real estate. What I mean is that we need more of a presence in games. We have tried ARK as an expansion, and ArmA. However, we never took off. So I was thinking that if we were to expand, why not an MMO...
  2. Ember

    Rust VIP information // Commands and keybinds

    Hello everyone, Keep in mind, the higher VIP ranks come with the previous commands! For example, the lifetime tier has all commands! Here are some commands and keybinds for VIP members keybinds : B - Opens the backpack Chat commands : /sil "URL" - load picture from url /colour {colour}...
  3. Ember

    Possible new server poll for Arma 3

    Hello everyone, We've been discussing the possibility of expanding our community into other games than just rust. There are a few games that came up, but here Arma 3 is the focus. Please take a minute to choose an option in this poll, it will greatly help us make our decision if we decide to...
  4. Pur3x

    Server Bug Report Format!

    Use the following format when reporting bugs to us. This will allow us to more efficiently answer and fix the issues you report. In-game Name/SteamID: Screenshot(s)/Video (if required): Description: Location Coordinates ( In-game): ------------------------------------- Note: We may request...
  5. Ember

    Forum Rules & Guidelines

    Forum Rules & Guidelines – Flame or Troll wars are not warranted, it’s funny the first time let’s not make it a habit – Release of personal information or personally identifiable information ( i.e. name, address, etc.) is strictly prohibited. – Bumping threads is annoying, just don’t. – Spam...
  6. Ember

    A few tips to get you off your feet!

    Join the discord! We are all active there, plus we'll get to know each other better! There is a help channel there to get you almost immediate support if needed! It's a great way to meet others in the server. Who knows, maybe you'll find a group! Register on the site! This way you never miss an...