1. Ember


    We are looking to massively increase our staff team. We need variations in time zones so that we constantly have staff members online. Our current staff team consists of : Helpers : 4 Moderators : 1 Supermoderators : 1 This is what my goal is : Helpers : 10 - 15 Moderators : 4 Supermoderators...
  2. Ember

    New Dedicated Server

    Hello everyone! I have some good news. The good news is that we are going to upgrade to a newly available dedicated server. This newer server performs better in every way, the only downside is that the IP will change. Other than that, its an entire upgrade compared to the previous. Below are...
  3. Ember

    Staff - IMPORTANT

    Helpers and Moderators, I need to see more activity in everyone. On top of that, you are all supposed to be giving reports when playing. If people are stirring up shit, etc. I want to see a change otherwise we will have to have demotions soon. If anyone has a reason they cant be online and give...