1. Pur3x

    Crimson Battlefield LiteModded VIP's

    I was getting asked if players current VIP will work with the CrimsonBattlefield LiteModded server, the only VIP membership that will have access to the VIP on the lite modded server are the Lifetime members, we still have VIP, VIP+, and VIP++ memberships if you guys are interested on getting...
  2. Pur3x

    Crimson BattleField LiteModded Update #1

    Crimson BattleField LiteModded Update #1 (6/6/17): Updated ServerRewards, and added all the items for you to purchase them with RP. Removed TimeFreeze, this made the time freeze so it would always be daylight, no need to have daylight only on both servers. Added VoteNightUI, you can still skip...