1. New PC Build Glowing

    New PC Build Glowing

    An image of the new pc build glowing!
  2. Parts of new PC Build

    Parts of new PC Build

    Parts used for the new PC Build!
  3. New PC Build!

    New PC Build!

    An image of the finished new build!
  4. Ember

    Would you support the idea?

    Hello everyone, I've been doing some thinking and have come to the conclusion we need more real estate. What I mean is that we need more of a presence in games. We have tried ARK as an expansion, and ArmA. However, we never took off. So I was thinking that if we were to expand, why not an MMO...
  5. Ember


    Hello everyone, I have an important announcement to make! We have decided to test the waters on a new game. We now have a "Crimsonbattlefield" ARK server. The server is greatly speed up in terms of settings. For example, Gathering, Stat-Multiplier, Breeding, Experience gain, and more. We...
  6. Lingerie


    HELPER APPLICATION subject: lingerie 1) Are you at least 15 years of age? Timezone and nation of residence? Yes, I am 19 years old. I am central standard and reside in the United States. 2) Please tell us about yourself (job, school, hobbies, etc)? I've been staffing large scale (500+ to...
  7. Ember


    We are looking to massively increase our staff team. We need variations in time zones so that we constantly have staff members online. Our current staff team consists of : Helpers : 4 Moderators : 1 Supermoderators : 1 This is what my goal is : Helpers : 10 - 15 Moderators : 4 Supermoderators...
  8. Pur3x

    New Forum Theme ComingSoon

    I was talking about this with the staff members, we will be getting a new theme for the forums as soon as they release xenforo 2.0 we will have a designer make us a custom theme, if you have any suggestions on how you guys want it to look then post away, we are open for any suggestions on the theme.
  9. Pur3x

    Crimson BattleField LiteModded Update #1

    Crimson BattleField LiteModded Update #1 (6/6/17): Updated ServerRewards, and added all the items for you to purchase them with RP. Removed TimeFreeze, this made the time freeze so it would always be daylight, no need to have daylight only on both servers. Added VoteNightUI, you can still skip...
  10. Ember

    Crimson Servers : ArmA Branch

    Hello everyone! Our Arma 3 Altis Life server is up!! Just search CrimsonBattlefield to find it!
  11. Ember

    Crimson Servers Update : ArmA branch

    Hello everyone, I have been informed that our Life server should be up by the 1st of April! Thanks for reading! Ember
  12. Ember

    Improving staff structure

    Improving staff structure Content: Suggestions to improve our staff structuring NOTICE : this is not a final suggestion. Some details are subject to change. I. I am suggesting new staff positions to give our lower ranking members something to work towards. The new ranking structure would be...