1. Ember

    Important Staff Requirement!

    Hello everyone, I'd just like to make an announcement that ALL staff members are REQUIRED to have a microphone and be active in the discord. Failure to follow through with this will most likely result in your demotion. Thanks, Ember
  2. Ember

    Helper Description & Abilities / Application guide

    To apply for a Helper position you MUST have a microphone and discord! You must also have a MINIMUM of 500 hours in rust! All applications will be reviewed through a personal conversation in discord Helpers can mute players who are deserving. guidelines for muting : -Toxic chat -Spamming the...
  3. Ember

    Requirements & Guide for Moderator Application

    CrimsonServers is looking towards becoming a thriving community and keeping a community clean takes a community effort so we’re offering the opportunity for our regulars to become a moderator and help keep CrimsonServers a great place to be. Moderators will have the power to moderate the forums...