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    1) Are you at least 18 years of age? Tell us your timezone and nation of residence. i am 15 years old my time zone is GMT-Mountain Daylight Time 2) Please tell us a little bit about yourself (job, school, hobbies, etc.). some of y hobbies are playing sports with friends and playing videos games...
  2. A good day in rust!

    A good day in rust!

    An image of a good day in rust! Sun out ready to roll. ;p
  3. Rust snowy climate!

    Rust snowy climate!

    An image of rust's snowy climate!
  4. A simple rust house!

    A simple rust house!

    An image of a simple rust house/base w/e you like to call it. ;p
  5. Rust river sunset view

    Rust river sunset view

    An image of rust's river sunset view.
  6. Rust Sunset View

    Rust Sunset View

    A nice image of rust's sunset view.
  7. Pur3x

    CB Posters

    CrimsonBattlefield 11" X 17" Posters Crimson Battlefield is also offering some 11"x 17" poster if you want to hang in your room or put it up somewhere special to show your support for crimson battlefield. By buying any CB accessories you are showing your support towards the community, and we...
  8. Rust Background #2

    Rust Background #2

    Another rust background #2!
  9. Rust Airdrop Background!

    Rust Airdrop Background!

    A rust airdrop background!
  10. Rust Background

    Rust Background

    A nice rust background!
  11. Rust Wallpaper

    Rust Wallpaper

    A rust wallpaper for your desktop!