1. Kayscrilla

    Minecraft Server. Vote here!

    We have a growing number of people interested in the creation of a "Crimson" Mine-craft server. To put it simply, if this is something you'd be interested in playing on drop a "Yes! I'd play" or "Not Interested" as a reply to this post. Depending on the responses we get will determine if we will...
  2. Ember


    Hello everyone, I have an important announcement to make! We have decided to test the waters on a new game. We now have a "Crimsonbattlefield" ARK server. The server is greatly speed up in terms of settings. For example, Gathering, Stat-Multiplier, Breeding, Experience gain, and more. We...
  3. Ember

    !!! How to JOIN the Arma 3 Exile Server !!!

    Hello everyone! People have been having a hard time joining our Arma 3 server. It is really simple and you can join in less than 5 steps. First, make sure you have arma 3 installed! Secondly, Install A3Launcher! You can get it here : And finally, once you've installed...
  4. Ember

    Crimson Servers : ArmA Branch

    Hello everyone! Our Arma 3 Altis Life server is up!! Just search CrimsonBattlefield to find it!
  5. Ember

    Update on our new Arma 3 server!

    Hey everyone, I'm happy to announce that we've made our decision on our new server. It's an Arma 3 Life server which will be up and running starting 3/26/17. For now it will only be 40 slots. This will change as it becomes more populated. Thanks for sharing your thoughts during the poll Look...
  6. Ember

    Possible new server poll for Arma 3

    Hello everyone, We've been discussing the possibility of expanding our community into other games than just rust. There are a few games that came up, but here Arma 3 is the focus. Please take a minute to choose an option in this poll, it will greatly help us make our decision if we decide to...
  7. Pur3x

    Server Bug Report Format!

    Use the following format when reporting bugs to us. This will allow us to more efficiently answer and fix the issues you report. In-game Name/SteamID: Screenshot(s)/Video (if required): Description: Location Coordinates ( In-game): ------------------------------------- Note: We may request...
  8. Pur3x

    How to Make a Suggestion

    If you would like to suggest something for the website/server please try using this format or just use your own format doesn't matter. Thank You. Sample: Please be constructive in your posts. If we see “FIX THE LAGGGGG” we’re just going to delete the thread.