1. Crimson Battlefield x10000 Clan Takeover

    Crimson Battlefield x10000 Clan Takeover

    Server: Crimson Battlefield x10000
  2. Kayscrilla

    Minecraft Server. Vote here!

    We have a growing number of people interested in the creation of a "Crimson" Mine-craft server. To put it simply, if this is something you'd be interested in playing on drop a "Yes! I'd play" or "Not Interested" as a reply to this post. Depending on the responses we get will determine if we will...
  3. Ember


    Hello everyone, I have an important announcement to make! We have decided to test the waters on a new game. We now have a "Crimsonbattlefield" ARK server. The server is greatly speed up in terms of settings. For example, Gathering, Stat-Multiplier, Breeding, Experience gain, and more. We...
  4. Ember

    Crimson Servers : ArmA Branch

    Hello everyone! Our Arma 3 Altis Life server is up!! Just search CrimsonBattlefield to find it!
  5. Ember

    Update on our new Arma 3 server!

    Hey everyone, I'm happy to announce that we've made our decision on our new server. It's an Arma 3 Life server which will be up and running starting 3/26/17. For now it will only be 40 slots. This will change as it becomes more populated. Thanks for sharing your thoughts during the poll Look...