1. Pur3x

    CB Posters

    CrimsonBattlefield 11" X 17" Posters Crimson Battlefield is also offering some 11"x 17" poster if you want to hang in your room or put it up somewhere special to show your support for crimson battlefield. By buying any CB accessories you are showing your support towards the community, and we...
  2. Ember

    IMPORTANT!! Crimson Battlefield and NEW servers!

    Hello everyone! I have a few words to say about where we stand on getting new servers, and if we will. I also would like some of your feedback on what I say following this : Some of you know that a few months ago we expanded to a third server in ArmA 3. The only reason we did that, was because...
  3. Ember

    Crimson Servers Update : ArmA branch

    Hello everyone, I have been informed that our Life server should be up by the 1st of April! Thanks for reading! Ember
  4. Pur3x

    VIP GiveAway!

    Crimson BattleField GiveAway! Hello guys, and welcome to our third VIP giveaway, the way the VIP works you have to first register an account, then after you registered your account and verified your email address your going to post a thread on here with the following information, so if you win...