1. Ember

    CrimsonBattlefield Discord [Temporary link]

    Until we get a new discord add-on for our forums, please use this link to find our discord Discord :
  2. Ember

    Would you support the idea?

    Hello everyone, I've been doing some thinking and have come to the conclusion we need more real estate. What I mean is that we need more of a presence in games. We have tried ARK as an expansion, and ArmA. However, we never took off. So I was thinking that if we were to expand, why not an MMO...
  3. Lingerie

    ARK: SURVIVAL EVOLVED | the basics of stats, levels, and breeding

    CREATING A SUPER DINO a brief and concise guide on stats, levels, breeding, and what you can do with it all content by your friendly local site mod lingerie So, you're here clearly because you're looking for some tips, tricks, and advise of how dinosaur stats, levels, and breeding all function...
  4. Ember


    Hello everyone, I have an important announcement to make! We have decided to test the waters on a new game. We now have a "Crimsonbattlefield" ARK server. The server is greatly speed up in terms of settings. For example, Gathering, Stat-Multiplier, Breeding, Experience gain, and more. We...
  5. Lingerie


    HELPER APPLICATION subject: lingerie 1) Are you at least 15 years of age? Timezone and nation of residence? Yes, I am 19 years old. I am central standard and reside in the United States. 2) Please tell us about yourself (job, school, hobbies, etc)? I've been staffing large scale (500+ to...
  6. Ember


    We are looking to massively increase our staff team. We need variations in time zones so that we constantly have staff members online. Our current staff team consists of : Helpers : 4 Moderators : 1 Supermoderators : 1 This is what my goal is : Helpers : 10 - 15 Moderators : 4 Supermoderators...
  7. Ember

    IMPORTANT!! Crimson Battlefield and NEW servers!

    Hello everyone! I have a few words to say about where we stand on getting new servers, and if we will. I also would like some of your feedback on what I say following this : Some of you know that a few months ago we expanded to a third server in ArmA 3. The only reason we did that, was because...
  8. Ember

    New Dedicated Server

    Hello everyone! I have some good news. The good news is that we are going to upgrade to a newly available dedicated server. This newer server performs better in every way, the only downside is that the IP will change. Other than that, its an entire upgrade compared to the previous. Below are...
  9. Axis

    Helper application

    1) I'm 16 years of age and I live in the Eastern United states. 2) I go to a technical school and work in a small engine repair shop. 3)So I can ensure people have a nice and fun time on the server and get along with everybody. 4) I can be on around maybe 5 to 12 hours at the most during the...
  10. Ember

    Staff positions - OPEN!

    Hello everyone, we've recently purged our inactive staff. As a result, we need ACTIVE staff. Below are open positions : Helpers - 4 positions available Moderators - 0 positions If you would like to apply, go to the helper application section on the forums and make a post! As a staff member...
  11. Ember

    Staff - IMPORTANT

    Helpers and Moderators, I need to see more activity in everyone. On top of that, you are all supposed to be giving reports when playing. If people are stirring up shit, etc. I want to see a change otherwise we will have to have demotions soon. If anyone has a reason they cant be online and give...
  12. ՏҽɾɑƘíɑհ

    [Helper App]

    Alright, this time i'm going to be serious about this application and not write stupid shit in the questions. 1) Are you at least 15 years of age? Timezone and nation of residence? I'm 19 2) Please tell us about yourself (job, school, hobbies, etc)? At the moment i work for a company called...
  13. Ember

    Crimson Servers : ArmA Branch

    Hello everyone! Our Arma 3 Altis Life server is up!! Just search CrimsonBattlefield to find it!
  14. Ember

    Crimson Servers Update : ArmA branch

    Hello everyone, I have been informed that our Life server should be up by the 1st of April! Thanks for reading! Ember
  15. Ember

    Update on our new Arma 3 server!

    Hey everyone, I'm happy to announce that we've made our decision on our new server. It's an Arma 3 Life server which will be up and running starting 3/26/17. For now it will only be 40 slots. This will change as it becomes more populated. Thanks for sharing your thoughts during the poll Look...
  16. Ember

    Possible new server poll for Arma 3

    Hello everyone, We've been discussing the possibility of expanding our community into other games than just rust. There are a few games that came up, but here Arma 3 is the focus. Please take a minute to choose an option in this poll, it will greatly help us make our decision if we decide to...
  17. Ember

    Staff Update

    Hello everyone, i have an update regarding our new staff structuring, We've recently decided to remove tags from our names in-game. However, tags are now replaced with colored text. This may or may not be permanent, its currently just being tested. Ex) Mod - Red Helper - Blue Thanks for...
  18. Ember

    Improving staff structure

    Improving staff structure Content: Suggestions to improve our staff structuring NOTICE : this is not a final suggestion. Some details are subject to change. I. I am suggesting new staff positions to give our lower ranking members something to work towards. The new ranking structure would be...
  19. Ember

    Important Staff Requirement!

    Hello everyone, I'd just like to make an announcement that ALL staff members are REQUIRED to have a microphone and be active in the discord. Failure to follow through with this will most likely result in your demotion. Thanks, Ember
  20. Ember

    Helper Description & Abilities / Application guide

    To apply for a Helper position you MUST have a microphone and discord! You must also have a MINIMUM of 500 hours in rust! All applications will be reviewed through a personal conversation in discord Helpers can mute players who are deserving. guidelines for muting : -Toxic chat -Spamming the...