Crimson BattleField LiteModded Update #1


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Crimson BattleField LiteModded Update #1 (6/6/17):
  • Updated ServerRewards, and added all the items for you to purchase them with RP.
  • Removed TimeFreeze, this made the time freeze so it would always be daylight, no need to have daylight only on both servers.
  • Added VoteNightUI, you can still skip night time if one or more players vote.
  • Added Pets, you can now tame pets, and send to chase those pesky players away. lol :)
  • Added BarrelPoints, everytime you destroy a barrel you get 1 rp, so go hunting and get those rp's to get those rewards.

Info on how to tame and send your pet to attack:

Taming an animal

You can tame an animal quite simply. Type /pet to activate your pet controller, then stand next to any animal and press the USE key (default).

The 'USE' key (default) is used to tell your pet to move, attack, and eat.

To issue a move order look at the position you want your NPC to move to and press the USE key. A cyan arrow will appear at the position and your pet will move there. If you have follow enabled the pet will make its way back to you

To feed your pet look at a dead player or animal and press the USE key. The draw system will display a yellow arrow and you will be notified in chat that your pet is trying to eat. This will replenish its energy. A pet will low energy will try to sleep alot.

To issue a attack order look at a target (enemy player or animal) and press the USE key. A red arrow will appear on the target and your pet will begin pursuit. If the target gets too far away from your pet it will give up and return

To open your pets inventory, simply stand next to your pet and press the USE key to open.

The 'RELOAD' key (default) is used to command your pet to stay/follow.

You can also check all the info regarding pets at: