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I was getting asked if players current VIP will work with the CrimsonBattlefield LiteModded server, the only VIP membership that will have access to the VIP on the lite modded server are the Lifetime members, we still have VIP, VIP+, and VIP++ memberships if you guys are interested on getting VIP on the litemodded server. We have also added another kit called /kit gear all VIP's will be able to redeem it, remember this is only for the litemodded server.

CrimsonBattlefield LiteModded VIP's Kits:





Gear: (Note: All VIP's will have access to redeem this kit.) "LiteModded Server Only"

If your interested in a VIP kit you will have to create an account before you can purchase the VIP membership. After you do hover over the tab that says VIP and you should see LiteServer VIP click that, and you should have 4 options to choose from. We will be changing the way you get your VIP Membership on the lite server but for now this is the only way. When you make a VIP purchase remember to join discord or make a post on the forums ,or use the contact us method with your steam profile, or your SteamID to receive your VIP perks for the server.
( Note: When you purchase VIP on the litemodded server it might take up to 4-5 hours top receive your perks if no admin or mod is around. Thanks. )


The reason lifetime members get their VIP on the litemodded server is because they are of course lifetime members, and because i just don't want to be adding players when they buy the vip monthly and removing them when it expires manually, i just don't have the time to be doing it manually, so as soon as it grows i will get a stats page for the litemodded server too and that way everything is processed automatically, but in the mean time this is the only way, sorry for the inconvenience if you have any other questions just let us know on discord or send us a message on the forums, thanks and have fun.
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