Crimson Battlefield Server F.A.Q.

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General Server Inquiries

Q: "How can I find staff members in the server?"
A: Staff members have colored text whenever they send chat messages. The only exception to this are players whose chat messages are in GREEN text. Those are Lifetime VIP members.

Q: "How do I find out when the next wipe is?"
A: It usually wipes every Thursday, but you can type /nextwipe in chat to see when the server is scheduled to wipe and when the last wipe occurred.

Q: "How do I find out when the server last wiped?"
A: Type /nextwipe in chat to see when the last server wipe was. You can also check in the Discord server.

Q: "Is there teleportation?"
A: Yes. The command to teleport to other players is /tpr "name".

Q: "I am typing this player's name correctly, but the game won't send the teleport request to them!"
A: If the player's name has spaces in it, then make sure to add quotation marks around their name when you type the command. For example, if you're trying to teleport to Lord Nazo, you would have to type /tpr "Lord Nazo". You could also just type /tpr lord instead, or some other part of the name that is separated by spaces.
This method also applies to PMing players as well.

Q: "The game keeps saying 'You can't teleport while in a building blocked zone!' when I'm not."
A: The game will usually say that if the player you're trying to teleport to is building blocked. You also can't teleport if you have any status effects (i.e. too cold, too hot, bleeding, radiation, poisoning).

Q: "Am I allowed to build wherever and whatever I want?"
A: Yes, as long as it adheres to the rules of the server.

Q: "How do I see what plugins the server has?"
A: You can view all of the server plugins here:

Q: "How do you get the rocket turrets?"
A: Only VIP members have access to the rocket turrets.

Q: "Wow, so the server is pay-to-win. That's lame."
A: No, the server is not pay-to-win. However, you can still get some decent stuff by voting for the server every day.

Q: "Where/how do I vote for the server?"
A: You can vote on and Alternatively, you can just click here to vote for the server on and click here to vote for the server on

Q: "What kind of stuff can I get by voting for the server?"
A: For each time you vote for the server, you will get 60x of each type of rocket, 8x Auto Turrets, 2x Rocket Launchers, 2x Bolt Action Rifles, 1x Flamethrower, 8x CCTV Cameras, 8x Targeting Computers, 2x M249s, 13x Supply Signals, 1x LR-300 Assault Rifle, 300x HV 5.56 Rifle Ammo, 300x Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo, and 50x Explosive 5.56 Rifle Ammo.

Q: "How do I redeem my rewards for voting?"
A: Once you have successfully voted for the server on either or both of the websites provided, all you need to do is type "/claim" in chat (without the quotation marks).

Q: "What if I vote for the server on both websites and then redeem my rewards? Will I get twice the rewards?"
A: Yes, if you vote on both websites, then the server will count both votes, which means you would get double the rewards for voting on both websites versus voting on only one of the two websites.

Q: "Can we carry our stuff over to the next wipe?"
A: Yes, but only if you have the Lifetime VIP package.

Q: "Everything takes too long to craft. Doesn't the 10,000x server have InstaCraft?"
A: Yes, but it's only available for VIP members. You can get that perk for as cheap as $10 a month.

VIP-Related Inquiries

Q: "How do I get VIP?"
A: By donating to the server. More details can be found here:

Q: "Why do VIPs get all of these perks? It seems a little excessive."
A: Because they donated to the server and donating helps pay the server bills, so the server owner wants to express his gratitude by repaying those that have donated with special perks in the server. Running these servers isn't cheap, you know.

Q: "What is Lifetime VIP?"
A: Lifetime VIP is the highest VIP tier in the server and players who have this package are usually indicated by the three stars next to their in-game name in chat. Lifetime VIP is a one-time donation to the server, meaning you don't have to donate ever again.
Availability of this package is subject to change.

Q: "Are there any differences between Lifetime VIP and other VIP tier perks besides the fact that it's lifetime?"
A: There are. Each package has its own set of benefits that can be found here: However, Lifetime VIP has all of the perks that are already available from each of the lower tier VIP packages, plus you get a Discord role.

Q: "Will donating to the server make me more likely to become staff?"
A: Uh... no. It would be nice of you to donate, but it won't help your chances of becoming a staff member if you're a complete dick to everyone on the server. All staff applications are reviewed based on your behavior, activity, and what kind of image you present to the community, not really how much money you have in your pocket.

Staff-Related Inquiries

Q: "Are there openings for new staff members?"
A: Yes, there are.

Q: "What are Helpers?"
A: Like the name of the role implies, Helpers are staff members who assist other players in the server with general inquiries, monitor chat, and report to higher staff members (such as moderators and admins). They only have the power to mute other players.

Q: "What are Moderators?"
A: Moderators are the next highest role above Helpers. They have the power to spectate, mute, and kick players from the server.

Q: "How do I become a Helper?"
A: By meeting the requirements here.
Note: Upon being accepted, you will begin a 2-week probation period where you will only monitor and report to higher staff members.

Q: "How do I become a Moderator?"
A: By meeting the requirements here.
Only Helpers can be promoted to Moderators.

Q: "What will make me be more likely to get accepted as a staff member?"
A: Maintaining a positive image will really bolster your application. Crimson Battlefield looks for people who are active in the server, respectful to others, and enforcing, as well as abiding by, the rules of the server.
Applications will not be accepted simply because a staff member knows that player outside of the server.

Q: "Is there anything specific that might boost my chances of becoming a Helper?"
A: The main thing we look for in players seeking to become Helpers is that they're willing to help other players on the server by answering questions.

Q: "What can I do about a staff member that is abusing their powers?"
A: You can report them here on the forum. Make sure you include video and/or photo evidence that blatantly depicts this staff member abusing their powers and/or breaking the rules.

Q: "What happens to staff members who break the rules?"
A: It primarily depends on the severity and/or frequency of their infractions. The punishment can be as minor as a probation, but it will usually be something more severe like demotion, losing their position as staff entirely, or even getting banned since they were well aware of the rules when they signed up to become staff.

Q: "Who is the server owner and who are the current Crimson Battlefield staff?"
A: Pur3x is the server owner. You can see who most of the staff are by clicking here.

Q: "Do staff members get free VIP?"
A: No, they do not, and having VIP is not required to become a staff member either.

Lord Nazo

Lord of the Darkness
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Other Inquiries

Q: "What are all of the server commands?"
A: Type "/help" (without the quotation marks) in the server chat to bring up a GUI that will list all of the available commands. If some of the commands don't exist or don't work, feel free to let us know.

Q: "What are the exact rules for the server?"
A: You can view just a few of the rules by typing "/help" (without the quotation marks) in the server chat and there should be a clickable tab that says "RULES". However, if you want a more detailed list and explanation of the rules, please view
this thread.

Q: "How do I bring up the kits?"
A: You can type "/kit" (without the quotation marks) in chat to bring up a GUI with all of the available basic kits and their cooldown timers.

Q: "Does the server have night phases?"
A: No, it currently does not.

Q: "Can we make suggestions for plugins to add to the server?"
A: Of course! Crimson Battlefield is always open to player suggestions. If you have any suggestions, feel free to make a thread in the
Suggestions / Feedback category of the forum and read the requirements.

Q: "How do I make my name look all fancy like yours and the server owner's?"
A: Only staff members and VIPs can have those fancy animated and/or colored names.

Q: "Why do I keep getting randomly disconnected from the game?"
A: This could be happening because the server crashed (which happens occasionally), but don't worry. The server automatically restarts whenever it crashes and it usually starts back up in a few minutes. The other reason you're getting disconnected frequently could be that your ping is too high. (The maximum ping limit is 310 ms.)

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