Crimson Battlefield Server Rules and Penalties

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Hello, everyone! A lot of people have come into the server unaware of the rules and doing whatever they please, so this thread is dedicated to explaining the rules of the Crimson Battlefield servers.

This thread does not necessarily have to apply to the people who don't typically break any rules, but this is in case any questions come up regarding what Crimson Battlefield's server rules are and how we usually deal with people who do violate these rules.


Do NOT impersonate staff.
For example, if someone in the server asks for an admin, mod, helper, or any other kind of staff member and someone else responds with a message that indicates that they are claiming to be a Crimson Battlefield staff member, then that player is impersonating staff.
NOTE: Staff members will always have colored text, however any player(s) whose messages are in GREEN text are Lifetime VIP members, but they are not staff.

No racism or any other abusive behavior.
This includes, but is not limited to, any racial or homosexual slurs (even if they are in jest) in chat messages, and in-game depictions of any of these things (e.g. paintings/drawings). The first offense usually results in a WARNING, the 2nd offense can result in a temporary MUTE but will occasionally result in a BAN. If a player decides to act like a smartass and intentionally asks or says something that includes words or phrases that appear to be in lieu of something they were previously punished for saying, then they may receive another penalty. For example, if someone who was just warned for saying "n*****" says something else in chat that is racially offensive, they will probably just get BANNED.
NOTE: It doesn't matter if you actually are or say you are part of the race of which the content of your message is directed towards (e.g. saying "n*****" in a message even if you are or claim that you are actually black), it still counts as an infraction as for any other person. Other people may find these terms offensive, so we want to keep them out of the server.

No spamming.
This rule shouldn't warrant any kind of explanation, but I'll explain it anyway. Spamming is repeatedly sending messages in chat (and very frequently), usually with no reason or just simply to irritate other players.

No back-and-forth arguments with staff or other players.
In other words, don't act like old ladies and repeatedly hurl insults back and forth at each other and/or other players to the point where the chatroom becomes a wall of text that nobody wants to see.

Do not spam objects without any valid reason.
Don't spam a lot of items across an area like in the example below.
Spamming campfires 1.png
NOTE: If it looks like spam, you will be BANNED!

Do not place turrets on beaches.
Many players spawn here and it tends to ruin the experience for them when they get killed by an auto turret after respawning in a new area.

No advertising other servers.
Posting anything in chat that is promoting another server in any way may result in an indefinite MUTE. Briefly mentioning another server is allowed as long as the staff don't feel that you're subtly trying gather interest in that server.

No hacking, exploiting, and/or cheating.
This rule should be obvious to all players in Rust.
NOTE: If you believe someone is actually doing any of the following things listed above, then PM a staff member, ask for an admin (but do NOT spam it) in chat, and/or record your gameplay that includes your encounter with the person you claim is doing any of the things aforementioned and submit your evidence to this forum. Your video and/or photo evidence must meet the requirements listed here.

No "hackusations" (accusations of someone hacking/exploiting/cheating without any evidence).
If you repeatedly keep spamming chat with messages accusing someone of hacking/exploiting/cheating, you will get MUTED and possibly BANNED. Also, no talking about cheats, hacks, etc. as it will result in a permanent or temporary ban regarding the situation.

Do NOT claim admin abuse.
Having players accusing a staff member of abusing their power(s) is just as bad as a staff member actually abusing their power(s), so don't post any slander that could discredit Crimson Battlefield's servers and/or their staff.
NOTE: If you really believe an admin or other staff member is abusing their power(s), please report them here on the forum using the same criteria listed here.

Please be respectful to the staff members.
This should be obvious.


The server typically relies on a 3-strike penalty system, however this system may not apply to all players under certain circumstances. The severity of the punishment you receive depends on the severity of your infraction(s). The types of punishments that players can incur are listed in order (1st offense onward):

1st Offense = WARNING
2nd Offense = Temporary MUTE and/or final WARNING
3rd Offense = Permanent MUTE and/or BAN


Q: "Can I appeal against a mute/ban?"
A: You can't appeal a temporary mute, but you can (try to) appeal a permanent ban or mute.

Q: "I never even received a warning and I just got muted! WTF?"
A: That's what many people say, but it's the player's job to check if a staff member gives them one in the first place. Staff members are always supposed to give warnings before muting players, but certain circumstances require swift action.

Q: "What do you mean by certain circumstances?"
A: Say, for example, someone joins the server and starts rapidly spamming in chat to the point where it becomes a wall of text. This is one of those circumstances when staff members are allowed to use their own discretion in how to deal with it (which is typically by muting that player).

Q: "Do VIPs get multiple second chances for server infractions?"
A: No. VIP members are treated as equally as everyone else when it comes to server infractions.

Q: "Do VIPs receive a refund if they get muted or banned?"
A: No. All donations/payments made to the Crimson Battlefield servers are final and non-negotiable.

Q: "Can VIPs request a refund even if they weren't banned?"
A: No. If you try to file a chargeback, you will be permanently banned from the server and you cannot appeal it.

Q: "I feel like there are some staff members that are giving me harsher penalties because I raided them earlier and they're all salty about it."
A: As long as those staff members' actions are justifiable (i.e. the punishment they inflicted is ideal to the severity of your infraction), then it is permissible.
Staff members are not allowed to abuse their powers and privileges to troll, grief, or antagonize players in any way.

Q: "I was just kicked and banned from the server without a reason."
A: The game may not specify the exact reason why you were banned from the server, but it's your job to be more aware of your actions and your warnings in the first place. If you were banned, you can find out why by appealing it.

Q: "I found someone cheating on the server, but there are no staff members on!"
A: In the event that there are no staff members online, record your gameplay and try to encounter the person you believe is hacking/cheating/exploiting. Once you have recorded your evidence, post it in the Report a Player category of this forum.
If you have Nvidia Shadowplay enabled and Instant Replay turned on, you should be able to record your gameplay from the last 5 minutes (or longer, depending on how much you set it to record), which should also include your encounter with the cheater. You may want to adjust your Instant Replay settings to record longer footage, which is fairly crucial in investigating and determining if that player is actually cheating, and your video must meet the requirements listed here.