Crimson Battlefield Update #11


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Crimson Battlefield Update (2/1/2020):
  • Rocket Turrets have been completely fixed, you can now use javelin/anti-air turrets without any issues.
  • The server should be running smoother with the recent plugin updates we did.
  • We added mini-copters to the Strike, King, Lifetime and Elite Package VIP.
  • Players being removed from tc's has been fixed.
  • Homes being removed from /set home foundations has also been fixed, you shouldn't have anymore more issues, if you do please let us know.
  • We added the ability for all players to craft electric generators and 2 rocket turret's with the /craft menu, the rocket turrets is only a test to see how it goes, you won't be able to remote control them though, if you don't have VIP, if you have VIP you can still control them.
  • Referral system to the crimson battlefield servers coming soon you will get a chance to win awesome rewards ex. steam gift cards, digital games, VIP Packages and more.
  • New leader-boards plugin coming soon until we fix our main leader-boards plugin this other one will be as a replacement until then.
  • More new exciting plugins for VIP/Non-VIPS to come so stay tuned.