Crimson Battlefield Update #3


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Crimson BattleField Update (5/4/17):
  • Updated Oxide Protocol (1984), on both servers.
  • LustyMap, if you guys are having problems using the map, it's because facepunch disabled keybinding, so for now you can go to your f1 console and type bind m "LMUI_Control map".
  • Added Furnace Splitter as you guys might probably be aware off, just to make it easy for you guys to smelt your resources.
  • You can now craft components with the latest update, so it's time to start using those research tables.
  • We added a plugin called LFG, it's a plugin that works just like mmorpg groups, you invite random players from the server to help you raid a base, but right now it's down until we get an update.
  • We will also have our first VIP giveaway of a Steam Gift Card to thank all of our supporters.
  • We also added a guide on how you can redeem your kits or use your vip commands.
  • We also added a forum section called BaseBuild a while back, just in case you guys want to show off your awesome base builds. ;p