Crimson Battlefield Update #4


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Crimson BattleField Update (6/2/17):
  • Updated Oxide Protocol (1989), on both servers. (Fps is kinda crap with the latest update hopefully its fixed next update.)
  • Rocket Turrets - new feature to turrets, by adding the ability for players to have turrets that shoot rockets!
  • Remote Turrets - new feature that will allow a player to control the turret.(Rocket turrets is now working with remote turrets.) (This feature is for Vip's Only)
  • We added a new /help menu, it's more organized and it includes all the commands for the server.
  • We fixed the Juggernaut event it should now work as it's suppose to, and the icons will no longer stay after the event ends.
  • We have updated Friends Api, you can no longer add friends that are offline.
  • We added a plugin while back called KDGUI, it just keeps track of your kills and deaths while playing on the server, you can also disable it by typing /kdguitoggle.