Crimson Battlefield Update #5


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Crimson BattleField Update (6/8/17):
  • Updated Oxide Protocol (1991), on both servers. (Fps is much better now with this update.)
  • Added BetterChatFlood - This will help keep the chat clean from chat spammers.
  • We will be adding a new mini-event, kinda like planecrash.
  • Lifetime members can now enjoy their lifetime VIP on both servers.
  • Remove prod, and re added Entity Ownership - Entity Ownership has a lot more options for admins and mods to check who the owner of the building is or any entities they have placed.
  • Added Automatic Authorization - If you guys haven't yet noticed we have added this a while back not sure if i had mention it before but if i haven't here it is, with this you can add all your clan mates or friends from your friend list to any tool cupboard or auto turret authorization list with 1 chat command. You must own the entity!, you can check the commands in-game when you type /help, and it should be on the next page.
  • We will also be changing the style and looks of crimsonbfstats it will look much better when we do. (Coming Soon)

We have added the new PilotEject event, what it does is:
  • A random chance of the helicopter "malfunctioning", which causes the helicopter to spin out of control to the ground (settings to control this included in the configuration file)
  • Upon this events occurrence, the pilot will eject from the helicopter and float down to the ground with a parachute, he will then go into a wounded state where players will be able to search for him and steal his gear
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