Crimson Battlefield Update #9


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Crimson BattleField Update (10/26/17):
  • Updated Oxide Protocol (2027).
  • Issue with players getting kicked is fixed.
  • Added the ability to ride horses, whenever your close to a horse you can use /stophorse to stop it for a couple of seconds.
  • Added more skins to the skinbox, there should now be glove skins, and garage skins too.
  • The latest update now includes 5 murders in-game and Halloween themed when you die, and Halloween themed loots around the map.
  • Added a new custom plugin, whenever you get killed on the death screen there should be some info of the the player that killed you, what gun they used, how much ammo they had in the clip and how much health they had left before they killed you, we will add more to it but for now thats it.