CrimsonBattlefield *New Stats Website Layout* Coming Soon


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Hello loyal players,

Well as you can see we been doing a lot of updates on plugins, website, and the stats website, the stats website will soon be changed to a new layout, and the VIP system will soon be added here on The website will be completely turned into a stats website ONLY so you won't see no more map, kits etc, but we will still have all the main stats like Top players, Top clans, etc. so that's why we are adding the VIP system here on, everything will be the same nothing else other than the layout for the stats website and the vip/donate system will be moved. Here's an image of how the new layout will look, it will be a dark style though the image is just an example. Let us know your thoughts and what other stats you would like to see.

We are still working on it, it still not finished as soon as it is you will see it on, or we will let you know on discord, so stay tuned, more updates to come.