Graphic's Tutorial's Guidelines

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Graphic Tutorials Guidelines, keep it clean, and to prevent floods of duplicate/similar tutorials, here are some guidelines for posting in the Tutorials Forums.


1. Tutorials must have screenshots in almost every case.

-1a. Screenshots must be .GIF, .JPG, or PNG ( files less than 800 pixels at their largest dimension, at a reasonable filesize. Not everyone has a network connection as good as yours.)

2. Please post a finished tutorial. Don't say "I'll finish later" or "I'll add screenshots when I have time." Unfinished tutorials will be locked immediately.

3. Please post the tutorial you've created in the correct forum. If they're posted in the wrong place, we'll move them if we're feeling generous. Otherwise, we'll lock it.

4. Please include links to any plugins used in your tutorial (Optional). This will make it so much easier for users to locate that hard-to-find plugin.

5. Please embed the video into your post (you may add a link back to the video or to your channel if you like); posting blind links or URL shortener links is dangerous.

-5a. Screenshots are not required in the case of video tutorials, but please do include an image of the final result in the thread.
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