Helper Application - IMxPrime


1) I'm 33 years old, my time zone is Central Standard Time and I live in the United States.

2) I'm a Professional Driver (Trucker), I'm a musician and an avid PC gamer.

3) I enjoy the server quite a bit, I've made a lot of great friends here as well. However there seems to be a lot of downtime in between when there
are Staff members present on the server. I have previous experience in being a mod on Rust and even ran my own server for a time.

4) In the last two weeks I've played over 80 hours on the server, I tend to get on every night after work. I've been on the server for the last 6-8 wipes I believe? And I've
played off on and over the last couple of years.

5) I stated earlier I've modded on other servers and even ran my own, I owned and operated my own gaming community for nearly 7 years. We ran multiple game servers in
CS:GO, Rust, GMOD, Ark etc etc

6) I think the only issue for me would be from other players claiming "Staff Abuse", I've dealt with those types of comments before and can easily
address them.

7) Absolutely.

8) I do not.

9) I've never had any issues in the passed.

10) At the time I currently have no questions.


CB Owner
Staff member
Thanks for your interest on the helper staff position, we will look over your application and let you know within 24 hours.