Helper Application

1) Are you at least 15 years of age? Timezone and nation of residence?
A) I am at least 14 years of age, turning 15 this February, I was born and raised in the USA and currently live here to this day. I'm west coast but due to move to east coast in 4 weeks.
2) Please tell us about yourself (job, school, hobbies, etc)?
A) I currently go to school, I love playing games and love playing volleyball.
3) Why do you want to become a CrimsonServer Helper?
A) Ive been through a lot of servers with a lot of bad people. This server is the first one I found that has generous people and I would like to help keep it that way.
4) How much time can you devote to CrimsonServer’s per week?
A) All my time on Rust is on your servers. I'm on most days unless I've got a scheduled date.
5) Do you have any prior helping experience, or similar (please elaborate)?
A) I have not, so this would be my first time.
6) What challenges do you foresee if you become a helper?
A) Many problems I see in servers these days are homophobia, rudeness, and general trolling. I want to stop that.
7) Can you accept the fact that you must enforce CrimsonServer’s rules and guidelines?
A) Yes, enforcing rules is one of my specialties.
8) Do you feel you will have any issues denying / accepting directions from moderators?
A) I have no issue denying or accepting directions from moderators.
9) Do you handle instruction and direction well?
A) Yes, I handle both very well.
10) Do you have any questions?
A) No I have no questions.
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We are going to deny this application for now until you put more hours into the server, by the looks of it you just have 38 hours on rust total, so yeah just get on the server more and play with staff so they can evaluate you.