Helper Application


Subject Form: Helper Application

1) Are you at least 15 years of age? Timezone and nation of residence?
-I'm currently 23 years old.
-I live in South Carolina, USA within the EST time zone.

2) Please tell us about yourself (job, school, hobbies, etc)?
-My name is John.
-I love everything to do with computers and video games. Those are pretty much my hobbies. I'm part of the South Carolina Army National Guard and I'm a full time IT Technician for a company named Vacation Myrtle Beach.
-I completed 2 years of school at Coastal Carolina University as a Computer Science Major. I stopped half way and decided I wanted to become a Police Officer. I was employed with North Myrtle Beach Department of Public Safety for just under a year when I decided that I wanted to chase other career opportunities.

3) Why do you want to become a CrimsonServer Helper?
-I enjoy seeing communities like this one thrive. I feel like this is something that I can do to help increase the quality of life within the server.

4) How much time can you devote to CrimsonServer’s per week?
-I'm normally online after work everyday and spend a vast majority of my days off online. Anywhere from 25-41 hours per week. I know, I'm addicted.

5) Do you have any prior helping experience, or similar (please elaborate)?
-I was an officer in a guild on World of Warcraft and was in charge of Raid Leading before the guild inevitably fell apart.

6) What challenges do you foresee if you become a helper?
-As of this moment I can't think of anything. But situations will rise on occasions that will require special treatment. I'm fairly confident that I can handle those issues as even a Moderator would see fit and come to a conclusion without having to involve a Moderator.

7) Can you accept the fact that you must enforce CrimsonServer’s rules and guidelines?
-Absolutely. It's the same as being a Police Officer. There are laws and regulations that I have to enforce no matter what the circumstance may be. However I cannot be a robot about it. As they always told us, Officer Discretion. With that in mind, there are however some things that cannot be left to discretion. A rule is written and pretty straight forward. Rules are not always left to open interpretation.

8) Do you feel you will have any issues denying / accepting directions from moderators?
-No. Insubordination has always been in the back of my mind since joining the military back in 2012. An order is an order and it would be my job to carry that order out to the best of my abilities.

9) Do you handle instruction and direction well?
-I do. I have countless years of following instructions.

10) Do you have any questions?
-At this moment, I do not.


CB Owner
Staff member
Thanks Johnnyboi for taking your time in applying for a helper position, we will look into your application and we will let you know within 24-48 hours.


Hello JohnnyBoi, I'm glad to see you've taken interest in helping us better our community.

After meeting you as a new player and being witness to what kind of genuine person you are, I fully believe you are the perfect material for a staff member, possibly even a moderator if you stick around long enough! You are always respectful to players and staff members alike, I love your mannerism in regards to addressing people as well. That is a great quality!

I would love to see you become a staff member, so lets see what you've got.


Thanks for applying!