Helper Application

1) Are you at least 15 years of age? Timezone and nation of residence?

Yes, I am 15 years old.
Pacific Standard Time, United States

2) Please tell us about yourself (job, school, hobbies, etc)?

I currently do not have a job as in my area its near impossible at the moment. My hobbies vary quite a bit. I used to do Animation but have kind of gotten bored of it, I also did GFX work for a long time but got bored of that as well. I do code a bit in my free time but I don't get into anything serious. I'm doing quite well in School with an A average, actually enjoying it this year from all the opportunities I've taken, ranging from my alto sax audition being accepted into our schools top band, and as well as our top band being invited to the Band of America's Music for All festival this March in Indianapolis. Which is a huge accomplishment.

3) Why do you want to become a CrimsonServer Helper?

My good ol' friend Axis asked me to, I thought about it a few times and thought that I shouldn't, but from being on the server for a while now, I understand why he wanted me to apply. Toxicity is getting a bit excessive, and players are becoming ignorant about whats going on, and I think I do a nice job at explaining things. If I were to explain the rules and how to do certain things on the server to players, I feel like the server would be much less excessive in toxicity and ignorance.

4) How much time can you devote to CrimsonServer’s per week?

Per week, if I don't have Sectionals for school, can be around 4 PM PST to 9 PM PST

5) Do you have any prior helping experience, or similar (please elaborate)?

Yes, I have been Staff on other rust servers and as well for other games. I ran communities of my own a while back and there were even times where I worked for my bud Axis, and times he'd work for me. Which is funny.

6) What challenges do you foresee if you become a helper?

Language Barriers, I can translate a tiny bit of German, but if someone joins the server speaking other languages, that's going to be a problem. Even if they are supposed to be speaking English.

7) Can you accept the fact that you must enforce CrimsonServer’s rules and guidelines?

Yes, as I do follow them and they seriously are not hard to follow. If you can't follow the 6 most important and simple rules, you need to fix that issue.

8) Do you feel you will have any issues denying / accepting directions from moderators?

No, as I have had higher ranking members that I had to report to, been doing it in gaming since I was at least 11.
Piece of cake.

9) Do you handle instruction and direction well?

Yes, I do have to instruct and give directions as well in Marching Band in the event of our Director not being able to. (I'm a temp Drum Major)

10) Do you have any questions?

No as Axis has cleared up a bunch of things for me.


+1 I have known him enough to know that he can be a help
as helper.


CB Owner
Staff member
Hello Charged and ty for interest in becoming a helper, as you can see when you read the format and guidelines that we aren't accepting players that are 17 and under, only 18+.

Right now we are good on helpers, but just keep checking back to see if there's more spots open.