Helper Application

1( Yes I'm exactly 18 year's old. My Timezone is EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) and I Live in the United States
2)So I am a Senior in Highschool I don't have a job at the time I'm mostly concentrated in school at the moment but I do have a lot of time to spare mostly because most of my classes are electives and not anything hard.
3)I've played this server for a couple wipes now and enjoy I am part of the UMAD clan and after a while I think that I would love to try staff I was a mod/Admin previously in Morgan's server and it was fun helping people who were just joining the server by informing them of kit's and other great thing's you could do on the server to allow them to experience the server's exquisite's.
4)I can try and put at least 100-120 hours per week nothing less again If anything I were to happen I would inform you ahead of time if anything of urgency comes up
5) yes I was a mod/admin previously before coming on to Crimson like I explained above in question #3
6)People accusing me of abusing I love to pvp and I guess since I've already been accused of hacks that would most likely be the next thing I would be accused of because of the color of my staff position.
7)So Far I have been following the rules so I don't think I would stop because I was accepted into staff if anything that should encourage you to keep doing it and make sure others do as well
8) Don't think so I know they have more knowledge about how things are handled on the server
9)I believe so from time to time I have a little brainfart but I think ill be fine
10) Nope thank you for reading it


CB Owner
Staff member
Thanks for wanting to be part of staff, we will look into your application but just letting you know you need to be active for at least a month on the server to even apply, if you haven't done that then you should start being active to prove you want to be part of this team.