Helper application


1) im 17 years old i come from Australia vic
2) i go to carwatha collage P-12 im an engineer i build homes and some times i go help out my dad at his car shop he sells used cars my hobbies are playing soccer my fav team is real madrid i really love to play games i play pc games and console games to
3) i want to become a crimson battle field helper so i can help the community and its one of my fav servers that i play on
4) i can go on crimson battle field for about 14 to 17 h a day
5) no i dont
6) if i do become a helper the challenge would be keeping the server under control as u can see some times there are racist comments in the crimson chat
7) yes i accept
8) i will accept any thing the owner on the server says and the mods i will never decline ant thing they would say
9) some times i do handle it well and some times i dont it matters what mood im in
10) no i dont have any more comments to say