How to fish on the server!


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How to Fish:
First, Head off and find some water. You need to be within a few meters or even standing in it. Take your Spear and jab the water floor and then you have a chance to haul in a fish. You can also use your Bow or Crossbow to get near the water and shoot at it.

New!! Or, while holding a spear and looking at water, type /castfishingpole , then a "bobber" (small water bottle) will appear out in water and a countdown bar will appear onscreen. when bar disappears, you will either catch something or not !!

Note: you do not see any actual fish swimming or anything. You just 'attack' the ground under water for a chance to get a fish.

Current Available Catch:

Savis Island Swordfish - Common fish (Minnows)
Hapis Island RazorJaw - Common fish (Small Trout)
Colon BlowFish - UnCommon fish (2 Small Trout)
Craggy Island Dorkfish - Rare fish (5 Small Trout), may or may not one knows. Legend has it, they may resemble rust developers.
Random Item - pulls up a Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 crate for players to loot.

Chat Commands:
/castfishingpole - while looking at water and holding a spear, this will "cast" a fishing line out in the water. A fishing "bobber" (small water bottle) will appear at fishing location. Once the on screen timer goes down. it will return a fish or not.

/fishchance - returns the percentage chance you will catch a fish and the current time of day.

Note: You can also fish standing on the raft.