Kayscrilla Moderator App :D

1) Are you at least 18 years of age? Timezone and nation of residence? 25years old, PST, USA BABY!
2) Please tell us about yourself (job, school, hobbies, etc)? I love long walks on the beach dancing in the rain and pina coladas. Lol Yall already know me. Love gaming and building computers, work part time while i go to school.
3) Why do you want to become a CrimsonServer moderator? I was one before but my schedule change made it so i couldnt be active. My schedule has changed again so i can once again help the server with being a fair and just moderator.
4) How much time can you devote to CrimsonServer’s per week? As much as i can if im not on runescape with ember but ill still be in discord and available if anyone needs help on crimson.
5) Do you have any prior administrative experience, or similar (please elaborate)? yes on this server.
6) What challenges do you foresee if you become a moderator? None, i know the in's and out's of it from before.
7) Can you accept the fact that you must enforce CrimsonServer’s rules and guidelines? absolutely
8) Do you feel you will have any issues denying / accepting reports and appeals? Not at all.
9) Do you handle instruction and direction well? indeed
10) Do you have any questions? Train A, traveling 70 miles per hour (mph), leaves Westford heading toward Eastford, 260 miles away. At the same time Train B, traveling 60 mph, leaves Eastford heading toward Westford. When do the two trains meet? How far from each city do they meet? xD




The answer to your question is about 20 feet.