Heyo, the name's Peyton and I thought I'd do a little introduction. I've been staffing (administrating, moderating, helping, etc.) for about 5 years now on various websites and this is probably one of my biggest hobbies next to freelance writing. I'm 19 years old and live in my own place with my boyfriend of two years Ember (or Jacob/Jake depending on how you know him) and our two dogs Mirari (a three-legged boxer who weighs in at about 25lbs at four years old) and Lilith/Lily (a pit/shepard/something else mix who's around the same size give a few pounds at nearly a year old).

I spend most of my time doing creative writing nonsense, worldbuilding, etc. and selling the concepts for money or branching them out and keeping them for myself to maybe publish some day though I also do a lot of PC gaming with all sorts of games (rust, SWTOR, skyrim, fallout, borderlands, telltale games, indie games, overwatch, paladins, GTA V, etc.). I'm in college for being a Vet Tech currently and will be pursuing a veterinary degree as well once I secure enough experience in the field and financial stability to cover tuition and text books. I read a shitton (Game of Thrones, Queen of the Tearling, etc.) so if anyone has any good book suggestions hit me up fam.

All in all that's a little bit about me, it's nice to meet you all ! ♥