RoyalCasino Helper Application

To apply for a Helper position you MUST have a microphone and discord!
All applications will be reviewed through a personal conversation in discord

Helpers can mute players who are deserving.
guidelines for muting :
-Toxic chat
-Spamming the chat

This goes both ways, as a helper you are held to a higher standard. you should be respectful and respectable. Do NOT start drama or fights in the server.

They can also spectate, ONLY when checking on someone who is a suspected cheater. This could be very abusable if in the wrong hands. so know that it is always monitored by the moderators and administrators.
The ONLY time this is acceptable :
-Suspected cheaters
-Someone harming the server

As a helper you will obviously be a helper to players and moderators. Other than that, your job is strictly observe and report. You are a moderators eyes and ears while they are away.
Helpers will also carry out orders a mod may give you, such as contacting a player.
Everything bannable requires proof, screenshots and videos are the best way to build a suitable case to ban a player.
You will need to keep in contact with a mod almost daily.
It is preferable if you can update them at least once a day if not more. (such as every few hours)

Subject Form: Helper Application

For the body of the application, please fill out this form in its entirety:

1) Are you at least 15 years of age? Timezone and nation of residence?
Yes i'm 19
2) Please tell us about yourself (job, school, hobbies, etc)?
I work for the Water Department, i love PC gaming i'm usually on everyday for quite a few hours unless something comes up such as family member needs assistant or i am very sick
3) Why do you want to become a CrimsonServer Helper?
I've personally played on this server for a while now I've gotten to know more of the community and staff and i enjoy hanging out with the people of the community and help anyone that needs it, I understand the requirements of a helpers position and know my limit and will not abuse or go out of my way with my position I always require proof myself for someone hacking which is longer than a 1-30 second video i don't use screenshots as they are easily edited I use unedited video film and when reporting someone i ask a higher ranked staff what their opinion is before any action is made and if no other staff is on i will handle the situation to the fullest extent of my knowledge using the best methods
4) How much time can you devote to CrimsonServer’s per week?
30-100 hours, I play daily
5) Do you have any prior helping experience, or similar (please elaborate)?
I've have on other gaming server not (Rust) but it all ends up in the same general direction of how you handle situations and what not to do for instant if someone says "hacker" in chat or Private message i can easily spectate that player grab evidence i need if the player is hacking and send it to a mod I see all players innocent until proven otherwise
6) What challenges do you foresee if you become a helper?
I see players tending to be toxic or abusing or running into situations that require higher staff but i'm always able to hold players off till i get further assistants i also see players not respecting a helper as much or basically stating you cant do much your just a helper but I am not the only staff on so that most likely wont be a big issue
7) Can you accept the fact that you must enforce CrimsonServer’s rules and guidelines?
Indeed, Rules must be followed to make the community a better place
8) Do you feel you will have any issues denying / accepting directions from moderators?
Not at all, They are higher ranked than i am plus it says I am the mod's ears and eyes so I must do as they say as they are guiding me to help them out more
9) Do you handle instruction and direction well?
I am from a Military program called ROTC so i have no problem handling instructions or directions
10) Do you have any questions?

Note: You will also have to get on discord so we can review your application, this is now a must for you to be part of the staff.


I like it, look forward to playing with you.

Your position will be updated ASAP.

Defiently like this application, I've played with royal a few times, hes a top bloke in my eyes. Welcome to the team ❤


CB Owner
Staff member
Welcome Aboard, permissions have been updated.