Giveaway Strike VIP Package - Rust


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Hello Loyal Players,

Welcome to our strike VIP package giveaway, as you can probably see we have 2 giveaways going on so if you want to participate on both raffles you can, just click on and you will be asked to accept the rules of the giveaway, also you might be wondering what the strike vip package is. This is a service you get on our crimson battlefield servers in regards to the game Rust in which you could get cool exciting perks you can use against your opponents, you can check the perks of the strike vip package click here , good luck to everyone, also remember to follow the raffle rules. Failing to follow the raffle rules or try to exploit the system will get you perm ban from participating in our raffles ever again or you might get perm banned from the crimson battlefield community, so please just follow raffle rules and have fun.