VIP Membership FAQ

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1. Does donations stack up?
Yes, donations do stack up so for example you donate for VIP then your interested in the other packages but your not sure if you will lose your current VIP, no you will not, you will have that VIP membership you purchased for 30 days, and if you decide to buy another package then you will have two VIP membership with 2 kits your can redeem.

2. Are there any discounts available?
Yes, we currently have a 5% discount for strike, clans, & lifetime.

3. Can i get a VIP Package and then later on pay the difference, if i was interested in getting a higher rank package?
Yes, you can, you can Contact Us or one of our Staff members, and we will upgrade your VIP Package as requested, remember if your paying the difference you will lose the current package and just be upgraded to the other package you have requested, your vip time will not reset though, it will stay the same so if you upgrade when you have 5 days left then your upgraded package will end in 5 days, this only includes for the monthly vip packages you cannot upgrade to lifetime membership, you will have to pay the full amount for lifetime membership, and it's limited now.

4. How do i redeem my VIP kits?
You can redeem your VIP kits by typing in chat, /kit "name of the kit" without the "", for your VIP kit, you type /kit vip, for VIP+ kit you type/kit vipp, for VIP++ kit you type /kit vippp, for Strike VIP kit you type/kit strike, for Clans Kit you type /kit vippp, & for Lifetime VIP kit you type/kit strike.

5. What kind of payment method do you accept?
We currently only accept Paypal, we will probably add different payment methods later on, but for right now only Paypal.

Donating for VIP doesn't give you immunity to break the rules, keep that in mind please. If you break the rules you will get banned no matter if you have lifetime VIP.
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