Ways to fix your lag in game.


Staff member
For players who complain about server lag pls send us your screen shot of your fps and your ping status in game. Press console F1 type perf1-5 to show the status. Screen shot your character in game server with the fps and ping to any of our staff or owner. Owner run the best system in the server so won’t have any problem in game. Do take note that this a mod server as you know crafting stuff is easy then vanilla server. So don’t not spam object without valid reason. Meaning spam a lot watch tower all over the map. I had caught many players misuse the tower spamming all over the place. By doing this many players has been ban. This is one of the problem of you facing lag cause server is full of entities. Using high wall for cover pls have a limit not all over the map. We had auto-purge and had remove 80k-100k entities. If you have a low spec computer we recommend you to set the lowest graphics setting and build a smaller base cause bigger the base your fps will drop that the cause of lag.