Website Update 2/1/2020


CB Owner
Staff member
It's been a long time since we posted a website update, but as of today you will be seeing more updates on news regarding the rust servers, and website.

  • Discord on the navigation tab should be working fine now if you where having any issues with it before.
  • We will be releasing a new theme for the website, might take some time but you will see a new cool theme.
  • We added a Plugin Status widget to the website so you can see which plugins are up, down or are work in progress.
  • We added a steam game Raffle Giveaway, don't miss out, check it out @ Raffle Giveaway or click the tab that says Raffles.
  • We fixed the broken images on reactions in the help page section.
  • We fixed the steam banners that weren't showing up before on your profile when you posted on the forums, now you should be able to see your steam banners when you post.
  • We also fixed some issues when you tried editing your profile and trying to save the changes, now you should be able to save your changes without any issues.
  • Any other website suggestions you might have let us know, and we will happily listen to your suggestions.
  • If you encounter any other issues on the website please let us know @ Contact Us or you can join our discord we are available 24/7.