Zukenny needs some time :(

Hello you sexy people, im sorry to inform you but i have undergone a few unfortunate events the past few days. It all started wed morning around 9.10 when my computer decided to throw another amazing bitch fit which resuted in me slapping the shit out of it and going upstairs to watch netflix. When i felt like i had given my computer enough time to think about its decisions i went downstairs to turn it back on. It worked my conputer was being a good girl again. After around 4 hours of playtime i then went back upstairs to watch some more netflix (gee my life is extraodinary) i came downstairs to cook me some food and found my computer sitting there all sexy and cold so i decided to turn her on to warm her up.. then things took a turn for the worst..... a error message displayed my computer screen. My windows is corrupt like that cop who shows off for the other cops..... anyways long story short . Its fuckws beyond repair. In order to buy another gaming pc i need a bit og time to suck that juicy long doodle to make money. So i have to take a lkttle time off. Does this mean i am resigning? Fuck no! Ill be back and when i do come back you better watch out. Pffft jk bby's i love you all. I will still be active on discord and the fourms so im not fully gone. Xx ty babys ❤ see yall in around a month